OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Three women face charges after allegedly stealing baby formula from stores across multiple states.

Cristina Dumitru, Cristina Papalete, and Loredana Parolea all face one count of retail theft (a third degree felony), one count of pattern of unlawful activity (a second degree felony), and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (Class ‘B’ misdemeanor).

According to the charging documents, Riverdale Police Department responded to theft in progress call. An employee who reportedly witness the theft identified the three women, along with another woman who was later identified as a minor, as suspects who stolen baby formula multiple states.

The employee allegedly watched the four fill a plastic tote with over $2,000 worth of baby formula and pass checkout lanes without an attempt to pay. An officer with the Riverdale PD reportedly observed the women on security footage conceal the formula in a plastic tote. Dumitru allegedly acted as the lookout, walking towards the exit doors and signaling to the others when there was no security or employees and safe to exit.

The charging documents state that the Riverdale officer confirmed the suspects identities with loss prevention from another store as well as a detective in Arizona. The officer approached the women in the parking lot and took them into custody.

Dumitru, Papalete, and Parolea allegedly told Riverdale PD they knew the fourth woman was a minor and committed these thefts with her.

Dumitru allegedly told police she placed the formula into the tote, but she was not the one who stole it.