TOOELE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A man has been arrested after his friend was found dead on the side of I-80 with multiple gun wounds, according to a probable cause statement.

Anthony Bracamonte, 30, was found dead on the side of the highway near mile 93 on the I-80 westbound on Feb. 15. Surrounding the body were two new t-shirts with tags on them, a jacket, and 12 bullet casings, according to police.

The investigation, conducted by the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services and the State Bureau of Investigation, took ten days as police spoke with former partners and witnesses, watched surveillance footage, and tracked phone data.

Police say Bracamonte lived with his partner and a one-year-old child in Ogden. His partner reports having not seen him for four days after they argued about him texting another woman on Feb. 11.

The partner then said Bracamonte left with his friend Alejandro (Alex) Moore and returned intoxicated when he allegedly “tore up their home,” the affidavit said. He then reportedly left with Moore, another man, and Moore’s mom to go to Wendover.

Investigators spoke with Moore’s former partner and learned that the suspect, Moore, often carried a gun and owned guns capable of shooting the bullet casings found on the scene, police said in the affidavit.

They also found surveillance footage of Moore and another man purchasing the new T-shirts on Feb. 11 that were later found on the scene. Investigators tapped into Moore’s phone records locating him at both the store and later the location whereBracamonte’s body was found, the affidavit said.

After police arrested Moore as a suspect in Bracamonte’s death, Moore told police that Bracamonte had attempted to kiss his mother during the drive to Wendover. He reportedly said he pulled over and told Bracamonte to leave the vehicle. He said he left him there and returned later to search for him until 6 a.m. that morning. He also reportedly told police that his gun was stolen after the last time he saw Anthony. However, police say he finished the interview by saying, “it was my gun that killed him.”

Officers located the third male present in the car that night. He reportedly told officers that Bracamonte inappropriately touched Moore’s mother during the trip to Wendover. He then allegedly told police that Bracamonte and Moore had begun fighting on the side of I-80 when Moore shot Bracamonte five times until he fell, and five times on the ground. He then said Moore threw his gun and phone out the window.

Alex Moore was arrested on one charge of murder and booked in the Washington County Jail on Feb. 25 until he can be transported to Tooele County.