ROY, Utah (ABC4) — Weber School District is currently investigating an allegation that students chanted racial slurs at a player during a basketball game at Roy High School last Friday, Jan. 13.

The chants were reportedly made by individuals who were part of the student section at the basketball game between Roy High School and Hunter High School. It was believed that the slurs were directed at a player from Hunter High.

The District says school officials are in the process of reviewing any video taken during the match and identifying any students who may have been involved.

Weber School District is reportedly working with the Granite School District to investigate the incident.

District officials went on to say the action of “barking” is a common occurrence at games and does not appear to be something that is used to target a specific player in a discriminatory manner. Rather, officials say, the comments are shouted depending on the state and progress of the game.

“With that being said, we are taking this very seriously and it is being addressed, especially since it was perceived as targeting a specific student based on their race. It also brings up questions about exercising proper sportsmanship during athletic events,” a District official said. “Weber School District prohibits and will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or racism in our schools, and appropriate action will be taken against any student if it is determined they violated our student code of conduct and district policy.”