SPRINGVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – Springville High School has suspended a student after he reportedly went to school on Monday wearing a white ghost Halloween costume that strongly resembled the uniforms worn by members of the KKK.

While representatives say the unidentified student came to school in a “white sheet like a ghost,” they add that he later put on a white hood to take a photo, prompting reports.

Nebo School District confirmed that they are aware of the matter and have taken disciplinary action against the student as a result.

A statement from Nebo School District’s Communications & Community Relations Administrator Lana Hiskey regarding the incident reads as follows:

“There was a Halloween costume incident at Springville High on October 31, 2022. Nebo is grateful for the speedy reporting from students and staff at Springville High as well as the quick action by the Springville High administration.

A student came to school dressed in a white sheet like a ghost. For most of the morning, the student wore just the white ghost costume. A couple of students reported seeing the student pull out a white hood and put it on to take a photo.

As soon as this incident was reported, our Springville High administration immediately found the student and brought him in. The student was suspended and disciplinary action taken.

We are committed to keeping our schools safe and will continue to educate students on appropriate behavior at school and activities. If students feel concerned or anxious, please advise them to speak with their school counselor.

Again, we are grateful for the students who reported this and for the immediate action taken by the Springville High administration.”