SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Greg Skordas, the attorney-appointed spokesperson for the Richins family, had no idea about the media frenzy surrounding the Kouri Richins case just 24 hours ago – in fact, he hadn’t heard of the case at all.

Friends reached out to Skordas about the situation and he decided to jump in. The family hasn’t released an official statement concerning recent events, but Skordas said that the family is grateful to Summit County law enforcement and the attorney’s office for the work they’ve done thus far.

“This is a homicide that occurred just over a year ago, it’s taken a long time to get the evidence together and put together a case, but the case has been filed. The family feels very comfortable that the case is in good hands and that justice will be served,” Skordas said.

As of now, Kouri has had her first hearing where she was taken into custody. Her next hearing is May 19. Skordas explained what the public can expect to come out of that hearing.

“That will be for the judge to decide under what circumstances she can be released – if at all,” Skordas said. “A person is presumed innocent and they may be entitled to bail. The judge will look at the strength of the case, the facts of the case and her prior history and decide whether she is eligible for bail and if she is even in a position to post it.”

Skordas added that the most important hearing will be a preliminary hearing where the government shows her and her attorney their case.

It is public knowledge that Eric Richins died from an overdose of illicit fentanyl. According to Skordas, people have speculated about a potential drug problem Eric may have had to confirm the possibility of him overdosing of his own accord. However, looking at documents, there is no history that Eric ever suffered from any substance abuse.

Skordas said to assume that he had an addiction he hid from everyone is outrageous and untrue. The dealer Kouri worked with to get the fentanyl has come forward to work with police.

“The government has alleged that the individual who sold the defendant the fentanyl, which ultimately caused her husband’s death has given them a statement and has admitted that she sold fentanyl pills to the defendant; that in fact, she sold different types of opioids at different times,” said Skordas.

While this case is garnering national attention, the family wants the focus to stay on Eric and they don’t want him to be forgotten amidst all the media coverage.