OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Snow is expected to fall early Monday morning in northern Utah and high elevation areas. With the cold temperatures across the state, the snow is expected to stick on the roads, leading to messy commutes. The weather comes just after the end of winter break, as students head back to school and many others, back to work.
According to the Utah department of transportation, some of the areas that could be impacted include 1-15 from the Idaho border around the Idaho border, I-80 through Parley’s canyon to the Wyoming border, and the entire route of I-84.

UDOT is prepared for the coming weather. Spokesperson Mitch Shaw says the department has a team of meteorologists working around the clock to track the weather, and personnel pre-treating roads. It also has snowplows ready to clear the roads as soon as it starts snowing.

“The top priority is safety,” says Shaw, “And when we get into these winter weather conditions, part of making the roads as safe as can be is clearing them.” Shaw also says drivers can do their part to stay safe on the roads by leaving early, driving slowly, keeping a good following distance, and staying prepared.

“It’s winter weather season and it’s best to be prepared for snowy commutes. It could happen at a moments notice and we want people to be safe and we want people to be prepared,” says Shaw.