MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — There were several crashes yesterday in the same area of Morgan County due to the wet roads, one of which caused potentially life-threatening injuries, according to Mountain Green Fire and Morgan County Fire & EMS.

Morgan County officials posted last night saying it had been a “busy day today on the slippery freeway near exit 92” with the most critical crash being a motorcycle striking a “slick cattle grate.”

Around 7:30 p.m., a motorcycle “lost control on the off-ramp for exit 92 after it struck the slick cattle grate,” officials reported. The driver received potentially life-threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to a hospital, according to officials.

In the same area earlier in the day, a car spun on the wet roads hitting a barrier. While the driver received a minor injury, they refused to be transported to the hospital.

The first crash of the day occurred near mile marker 91 when a SUV hit a barrier and spun. Fortunately, the occupants said they did not need medical assistance.

As heavy rains continue to make an appearance in Utah, it is important to keep a few tips in mind to stay safe on the roads. If there is flooding in your area, the National Weather Service says it is not safe to drive at all.

In order to navigate the wet weather, leave twice as much space between you and the vehicle in front of you and slow down. If you hydroplane, ease off the accelerator and slow the vehicle down gradually. Finally, avoid any standing water.

If your vehicle breaks down during a storm, remember not to lift the hood as wet electrical systems can make it difficult to start the engine.

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