PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – The Provo man facing charges in connection to ritualistic child sexual abuse over the course of 20 years is now facing six additional charges after another victim came forward. 

Detectives say they were contacted by a person who told them they were “repeatedly sexually abused” by now-68-year-old David Lee Hamblin in the early 1990s near Spring City, Utah. 

Hamblin now faces six additional charges of aggravated sexual abuse. Hamblin was arrested in late September and was booked on six first degree felony charges and one Class A misdemeanor  related to child sexual abuse. 

The victim told Detectives the abuse happened at Hamblin’s home where they were taken under the guise of therapy sessions. Hamblin allegedly forcibly sexually abused them and sometimes administered religious blessings during the sessions. 

The victim said that when first expressing concerns about the abuse, they were not taken seriously because of Hamblin’s standing in the Spring City community and his membership and involvement with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to Utah County Sheriff’s Office, after multiple times being abused during the sessions, the victim was no longer required to attend. The victim described being afraid Hamblin would cause them injury should they tell anyone outside of the therapy sessions. 

Investigators say they have been able to corroborate the victim’s claims with other witnesses. 

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office said Hamblin has not yet been currently booked on the six new charges, but he is still being held without bail in the Utah County Jail on the seven previous charges.