HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4) – It’s not every day you find a crateful of puppies just waiting for someone to take them home. For puppy lovers, a crate full of “Doodle” breed pups would be a wish come true.

Unfortunately, a crateful of puppies on the side of the road could have ended tragically in Utah County yesterday, but thanks to a concerned citizen and the Lone Peak Police Department, five cute little balls of fluff are getting ready to find forever homes.

On August 28, Lone Peak Police received a call that a crate of puppies had been found on the side of the road just off North County Blvd. and Timpanogos Highway. Officers met the caller at the station and took the pups in.

There have been no calls concerning the pups or tips on where they may have come from. This morning the pups were surrendered to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter. If enough information can be collected, the person or persons responsible for leaving the puppies on the side of the road could face criminal charges. Animal abandonment/cruelty is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to a year in jail and fines.

The puppies will be held for 5 days before they will be up for adoption. So, the shelter asks that the public refrain from calling about adoption just yet.

However, the shelter does have plenty of cute dogs and cats that need homes that are available for adoption today. There is even a bonus – it’s Clear the Shelters Month and the NUVAS has a selection of dogs and cats that you can adopt for free.

There are plenty to capture your heart, and the shelter would love to have you come take a look. Check out the shelter’s web page for more details.