CACHE COUNTY (ABC4) — Several Cache County residents have reported receiving phone calls from scammers who pretend to be Amazon customer service agents.

According to Cache County Sheriff’s Office, these crooks will claim that “someone placed an order for an iPhone on your Amazon account,” the Facebook post stated.

“Unless your tech-savvy toddler got ahold of your laptop and ordered you an early Christmas gift,” they said. “This is a SCAM designed to steal your financial details, or other personal information.”

Cache County Sheriff’s Office said you can follow these tips if you get a call:

  • Do not answer any of their questions, or reveal anything about your account.
  • Do not click on any links, if they send you any because they can gain remote access to your device if you click on links, and hack your Amazon or bank account
  • Hang up and call Amazon at the number listed on their official website to confirm there were no unauthorized transactions on your account.

“Sorry scammers, better luck next time,” they concluded.