UPDATE: Friday, May 12;

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Weber County Sheriff’s Office reported that Ogden Canyon has been reopened to one-way traffic as of Friday morning.

A repair was made to the roadway and UDOT will be monitoring the conditions over the next couple of days. Currently, cars can pass through the canyon with alternating traffic in one lane.

Once the road is fully repaired and deemed safe to drive on, it will be reopened completely to two-way traffic.


OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – SR 39 through Ogden Canyon has been closed indefinitely after the roadway began washing out just east of the mouth of the canyon, according to Weber County Sheriff’s Office.

Local traffic can still pass through the canyon with caution, but travelers are advised to take Trapper’s Loop or the North Ogden divide road to get to or from upper Ogden Valley.

The road has reportedly washed away near mile marker 9. According to UDOT, the river in the area had been undercutting SR-39 in Ogden Canyon, causing part of the road to wash away.

There is no estimate on when the canyon will re-open.

Ogden River has been under flood warnings and flood advisories due to high-elevation snowmelt.

According to the National Weather Service, the area of Ogden Canyon where the road has washed away is under a flood advisory until further notice. Minor flooding could occur to structures along the Ogden River below Pineview Reservoir. The river is expected to remain above “action stage” but below “flood stage”

Ogden River enters action stage at 6.8 feet and represents a level where actions need to be taken to help mitigate flooding or prepare for flooding. Once the river rises to 7.4 feet, it will be considered in a flood stage, where it could create hazards to lives or property.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office strongly recommends the public avoid waterways such as rivers, streams, and creeks as the spring runoff continues.

“The water is currently moving very fast, is quite cold, and may be deeper than expected due to recent rainfall or snowmelt,” warned the Sheriff’s Office. “Please stay safe and avoid these waterways until conditions improve.