Ogden Police Department identifies suspect in Monday’s officer-involved shooting

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) -On Monday evening, there was an officer-involved shooting in Ogden. Today, the police department identified the suspect, gave an update on his health, and gave some additional details surrounding the incident.

“One caller said that a man had a knife to another person’s neck,” Ogden Police Chief Eric Young said during a press conference on Tuesday. This call coming in to dispatch before 4 p.m. on Monday evening.

Chief Young said an officer of two years was in a meeting at the police station and rushed out to respond to the call. He said the officer arrived within minutes.

“The officer located the suspect who was in possession of the knife,” Chief Young stated. “At some point during the event, the officer was put in the position where he fired four rounds from his duty weapon. Two of those rounds struck the suspect.”

Chief Young told reporters that EMS arrived on scene to care for the suspect. The chief stated the man left the scene conscious. He was taken to the hospital, rushed into surgery, and on Tuesday, was expected to make a full recovery.

The chief said that suspect is 32-year-old Casey Pacheco who police have had interactions with before.

Investigators spent Monday evening collecting evidence but there is one piece they will not have.

“The officer rushed here from the station while he was in a briefing meeting, failing to pick up his body-worn camera from a charging dock and putting it on. There’s going to be no body-worn footage from this incident.” The chief added, “A body-worn camera does not ever show the entire story, and I think we are far too reliant just on that one piece of machinery to tell us everything that happened. Would I prefer to have it? Yes. Is it our policy they should have it? Yes. Are we human? Yes.”

He also said the investigators will be able to be thorough in their work without the body-camera footage. He said they will use witnesses, physical evidence, and digital evidence.

A man who was waiting in the police station Monday evening told ABC4 he was on scene at the time of the shooting. He said he filmed the shooting on his cell phone, that police took him into the station, took his phone, and took the footage to use as evidence. Chief Young confirmed this.

Chief Young said the investigation is now in the hands of the county attorney’s office. Investigators with the county will determine whether the shooting was justified and whether Pacheco will face charges.

The officer is on administrative leave.

“We also conduct an internal investigation with every one of these incidents at the police department.” Chief Young stated. “Our training lieutenant, our major crimes detective, and another lieutenant will assemble and do a full investigation focusing on if any policies of the Ogden Police Department were violated during this incident.”

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