OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — The Ogden community, along with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officials, helped move a trapped cow moose up a steep slope near the Ogden River recently so it can be transported to its new home.

DWR officials say a young cow moose was found trapped on one side of the Ogden River with no apparent way to go home. The rushing waters prevented the moose from crossing the river and reaching the mountain on the north side. Even worse, the mountain on the south side was too steep for the animal to climb, officials said.

Thankfully, DWR officials were able to tranquilize the moose and move the 600 pounds animal through the snow and up a slope on Saturday, April 1. After that, the moose was transported to the Hardware Wildlife Management Area near Hyrum and released into her new home.

The entire process reportedly took around four hours, according to Mark Hadley, conservation outreach manager for the DWR’s northern region.

This operation, officials said, would not have been possible without the Ogden community stepping in.

A homeowner reportedly brought his skid steer across the road and plowed a pathway for people moving the moose uphill. Other residents helped DWR officials carry the heavy animal up the slope. Troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol cleared the roads so the operation could be carried out safely.

Last but not least, DWR extends its thanks to all drivers traveling through Ogden Canyon who waited patiently on the roadways as the moose was being moved.