OGDEN CANYON, Utah (ABC4) — Ogden Canyon is seeing intermittent closures due to flooding on the roads, but the Ogden River’s flowing waters are not to blame.

The Ogden River, which runs through the canyon, is currently flowing at the action stage, with a flow of around 1300 cubic feet per second. However, this is not the reason for the recent closure. The problem lies with a culvert on the south side of the road that was clogged with debris from spring runoff.

John Gleason, a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), explained that UDOT crews have been out de-clogging the culvert every two hours or so.

The spring runoff from Coldwater Springs Canyon overwhelmed the drainage system, forcing water to spill out onto the roadway. The forceful water carried with it debris such as rocks, logs, and branches, which clogged the culvert, leaving nowhere for the water to go but over the road.

Gleason explained that at one point, there were about 8 inches of water pooling on the road, creating an unsafe condition. UDOT crews have been monitoring the roadway all afternoon, using a backhoe to clear out some of the mud and debris, and managing to keep water off the main highway.

Gleason also issued a warning to drivers, urging them not to attempt to drive through flooded areas.

“If you see standing water, there’s a natural assumption that maybe it’s only a foot or two and you can move through there, but the honest-to-God’s truth is you just don’t know how deep it is, and there are some lower-lying areas where you can have 4-5 feet of water,” he said.

UDOT crews are working to ensure that the road is safe for drivers and will continue to monitor and clear debris to try and keep the canyon open.