OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — The Ogden City Council has recently chosen and adopted a new city flag following a yearlong process that included reviewing more than 200 design submissions.

The new flag, colored in dark blue, aqua blue, and white, was designed by Ogden-based graphic designer Cody Hockin.

“It means a lot to me,” Hockin said. “I appreciate all of the work that the Youth Council and all the other parties have put into this. I know it’s not an easy task. I’m just grateful for this honor and all the work that has gone into it.”

The aqua blue background of the flag represents the sky, and at the forefront of it stands the three mountain peaks in white, symbolizing the Wasatch Mountains. A dark blue triangle is centered below the tallest peak to represent the people living in Ogden, Hockin said in his original submission.

Additionally, the dark blue circle behind the mountain peak resembles the letter “O” for “Ogden.” The mountain range breaking the boundaries of the “O” is meant to represent the welcoming and inclusive nature of Ogden residents as well as the tourism culture, Hockin said. The designer reportedly chose the shades of blue to represent freedom and determination while the white is meant to represent peace and harmony.

Courtesy of Ogden City Council

All 215 submissions for the Ogden flag design competition were reviewed by the Youth City Council and narrowed down to just over 100 designs that were sent to the Design Review Committee. The committee then chose its top 10 designs and forwarded them to the Ogden City Council so they could be ranked.

The top three designs were then sent back to the YCC, DRC, and Ogden City Administration for a final recommendation.

“We loved all three of these designs very much,” Council Chair Angela Choberka said. “When we sent it back to these groups to get recommendations we felt very comfortable moving forward with the winning design. We really appreciate the time and effort everyone put in.”

Hockin was awarded a $1,000 cash prize for the winning design, according to the City of Ogden. The other top three finalists, Camille Washington and Adam Wilson were both awarded $750 for their designs.