OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — One officer is injured and a suspect is dead after multiple rounds were fired near the Washington Park Apartments in Ogden on June 6, drawing a large police presence, according to the Ogden City Police Department.

Police said one officer responded to a report of a protective order violation and located a male suspect who was armed with a gun on Washington Blvd. An “exchange of gunfire” then allegedly took place between the officer and the suspect, police said.

Due to the “seriousness of the situation,” police said many other officers arrived on the scene and fired multiple rounds. One officer was injured and immediately transported to the hospital where they are receiving treatment and in stable condition. The suspect was reportedly shot and pronounced dead on the scene.

Ogden Police Chief Deputy Jake Sube described the situation as “highly chaotic and rapidly evolving, leading to the involvement of multiple officers discharging firearms during the incident.”

The Weber-Morgan Critical Incident Task Force is investigating the incident. All officers involved in the incident are on administrative leave due to standard protocol. This is reportedly meant to ensure the investigation is fair and to provide resources and support to the officers.

“We are committed to ensuring a comprehensive, unbiased, and transparent investigation,” Sube said in a press conference. “It’s important to gather all the facts before we make any further statements or draw conclusions.”

Ogden Police recognized the “immense bravery” of all officers involved as they “faced significant danger and acted swiftly and decisively to protect the public.”

Details on the initial incident, escalating factors, and suspect identification are not available at this time.

“We understand that incidents like these can be unsettling for our community,” Sube said, “and we are committed to maintaining open lines of communication throughout the investigation.”

More information will be released once it is available.