NORTH OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — A longtime friend of Jeffrey Roberts, the man accused of shooting his brother and wife in North Ogden, revealed in an interview why she believed Jeffrey snapped.

The interview with ABC7 took place in Lakewood, California, where Roberts was residing before the incident. Roberts’ neighbor Julie said she has known him for more than 40 years. According to Julie, Roberts was never violent before this incident.

“He was well loved,” Julie said. “He was a vital member of the community here, lived on this street for 40 years.” She said that Roberts raised tortoises, loved to do motocross sports, raced and worked with the pit crew for Honda races in Mexico, and loved NASCAR.

Julie said while Roberts never had children, and never married, he has hundreds of friends. “We loved him so much,” Julie told ABC7. She said he and his brothers grew up in Lakewood, and he remained. He also cared for his mother there for a while, before she moved.

“He was not a violent man,” Julie said. “That family estrangement situation led to this tragedy. The others pushed him to the brink we believe.”

Roberts was allegedly going on a road trip to search for a place to retire out near Arizona and Utah, Julie said. She said he wanted to be close to his mother who suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

According to Julie, Roberts’ brother moved their mother to St. Louis, Missouri. Roberts said he was kept from his mother due to false accusations. Julie said Roberts’ believed that his brothers were allegedly draining their mother’s estate, and taking advantage of her.

“I can only imagine that was the breaking point for him,” Julie said. “Because he loved his mother dearly.”

The Weber County Attorney’s Office released a video showing the body cam footage, Ring recordings, and the 911 call of a shooting in North Ogden that left two people dead and one injured.

When asked if she has watched the surveillance video from the shooting. Julie said she couldn’t bring herself to watch it. “The [Roberts] I know was not a violent man, he had many girlfriends we tried to fix him up with over the years and get him married off. He was never violent with any girlfriend, all of them loved him,” Julie said. “He never got in fist fights, he had […] hundreds of friends in his circles.”

Julie shared a story of Roberts that she said showed how loved he was with his friends. She said Roberts was coming back from a motocross trip, with his friends, and they stopped at a local bar in Longbeach. She said when they came out of the bar, Roberts’ trailer, motorcycle, and camping gear were stolen.

Two weeks later, his friends bought him a brand-new trailer, racing bikes, etc. “That’s just the type of man he was,” Julie said.

Julie said Roberts’ was also very giving, and that when he met some people down in Mexico that were in need, he organized a way to help them. She said he found their relatives in California and would take them truckloads of clothing, appliances, and food that they could bring with them when they visited Mexico.

Julie was holding an estate sale during the interview of some household items of Roberts. She said they would use these funds to have him cremated and will spread his ashes at the same location where the ashes of his dog Sadie were spread.

“This is just a tragic situation,” Julie said. “People need to start loving each other, and behaving the way they should.”