SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) safely arrested a man in possession of a firearm while inside a high-rise apartment in the Sugar House neighborhood.

According to SLCPD, the investigation began at 12 p.m. Sunday when officers were dispatched to 2191 South McClelland Street for an unrelated call about a disturbance in the Sugarmont Apartment building.

Officers with SLCPD identified 33-year-old Samuel Hanley as the suspect.

While officers were investigating, people living in the apartment complex told SLCPD officers they heard a gunshot from one of the top floors of the building.

According to SLCPD, officers immediately called for additional units and began to set up a large safety zone outside the apartment building due to Hanley’s elevated position over an aquatic center. During this time officers also told people to leave the area and for residents in the apartment to shelter in place.

Officials say officers were able to locate Hanley’s apartment unit and learned that Hanley pointed his gun at one person.

Police say Hanley exited his apartment unit while holding a firearm while officers immediately told him to drop the weapon and surrender peacefully before officers took him into custody.

According to SLCPD, Hanley claimed someone else was in the apartment unit and officers performed an emergency sweep, where they confirmed the apartment was empty.

“This was a very dynamic situation that presented numerous challenges and I’m proud of the women and men of the Salt Lake City Police Department,” said Chief Mike Brown in a press release. “They handled this call with incredible professionalism. This type of situation puts our officers under enormous stress, but they are highly trained. Today, like they do every day, our officers relied on their training and experience to safely resolve this incident to ensure the community outside and those living inside the apartment dwelling remained safe.”

According to officials, there were no injuries reported and an investigation is still ongoing.

Hanley was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon by a restricted person and drug-related charges.