KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A man is facing several charges after police say he fired shots from his car at another vehicle amid a road rage incident on Interstate-15 in Kaysville Monday afternoon.

Travis Peterson, 51, is facing two counts of Aggravated Assault (Third Degree Felony), one count of Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Class B Misdemeanor), one count of Criminal Mischief (Third Degree Felony), and one count of Medical Cardholder Smoking Cannabis (Infraction).

Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) says that Troopers were dispatched to Interstate-15 in Kaysville shortly before 3 p.m. on reports of a road rage incident involving shots fired.

The victim vehicle, occupied by a driver and one passenger, reportedly passed the Peterson’s vehicle on the right in the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane. UHP says that Peterson then began to tailgate the victims, prompting the driver of the victim vehicle to tap on her brakes “in order to tell him to back off.”

Peterson then reportedly sped up beside the victim vehicle’s passenger side “and shot at least four shots from his driver’s side window, striking the victim’s passenger side windows, doors, and windshield.”

The agency estimates the damage to the victim’s vehicle to be at least $2,000.

UHP says that Peterson was arrested following a high-risk stop at the Parrish Lane Maverick.

During a search of Peterson, Troopers report that they located a black and brown pellet handgun, along with multiple containers or marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia, although UHP notes that Peterson does have a valid medical marijuana card.

Peterson has since been booked into the Davis County Jail on the charges previously listed.