MORGAN, Utah (ABC4) — A man is facing several charges after he reportedly escaped police on horseback Sunday night.

Andrew Pentz, 40, is facing one count of Criminal Mischief (Class B Misdemeanor), one count of Intoxication (Class C Misdemeanor), one count of Interference with an Arresting Officer (Class B Misdemeanor), two counts of Failure to Stop at the Command of Law Enforcement (Class A Misdemeanor), and one count of Criminal Trespassing (Class B Misdemeanor).

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) says that Pentz, who has had numerous run-ins with the agency in the past, was called in by his mother on Oct. 30 for kicking in the door of her home.

When en route to the scene, an officer with MCSO met Pentz “heading down the road on a horse.” Pentz reportedly told the officer he had consumed alcohol but “promised he was not on meth,” though the affidavit notes that “it was clear that he was currently intoxicated and most likely on other substances.”

After demounting the horse, MCSO reports that officers observed a pair of plyers on Pentz and a knife in his waistband, while he also claimed to have a gun. Pentz reportedly became paranoid, “saying he knows he is going to jail now,” removed his hands from the air and “put his hand on the other deputy to stop him from getting the knife.”

With his hand on his knife, MCSO says that Pentz began to slowly walk away towards a road that led to a house and a farm, dodging an officers taser and ultimately “passing through a clearly marked no trespassing area of the farm.” The area was reportedly searched, though Pentz was not located.

Later on, MCSO says that Pentz’s wife told an off duty officer that Pentz was “at their house on horseback and was trying to kill their dog.”

Another deputy who was in the area reported that he witnessed Pentz “on horseback with a dog on a rope.”

Pentz was allegedly noncompliant with officers’ commands to yield, and continued to ride uphill. When police continued to call for Pentz, he looked back, ignoring them and eventually getting away.

The next day, MCSO reports that Pentz turned himself in and was booked into the Weber County Sheriff’s Office on the charges previously listed.