LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – Logan Police have issued an arrest warrant and are searching for a man accused of breaking into a home and attacking the homeowner before being shot and left on the driveway.

The man has been identified as Julio Dalton Lopez. Logan PD is asking anyone who may have information as to his whereabouts are asked to contact Detective Van Amen at 435-716-9460.

According to police, Lopez along with two other individuals knocked on the door of a Logan home just after 2 a.m. on April 22. The homeowner told police he opened the door and was punched in the face multiple times before he was able to break away. The homeowner retrieved his gun from his room and returned to find three people in his living room. The homeowner allegedly fired his gun, hitting Lopez, prompting the other two to flee.

The homeowner said he “dragged” Lopez outside, locked his door, and called 911 to report what had happened.

Lopez was taken to the hospital and allegedly made comments about knowing the homeowner and that he was “taking care of business.” The homeowner reported he did not know the person who attacked him.

The other individuals were stopped shortly after in a car. According to a probable cause affidavit, one of the individuals told police that Lopez wanted to be dropped off at the home and when they heard a gunshot they circled back and found nothing. They called 911 just in case.

Another person reportedly told police he was sitting in the car with the windows rolled down and saw Lopez knock on the door. When the door opened, he said Lopez went inside and a confrontation and “scuffle” could be heard followed by a gunshot about a minute later. The unnamed individual reportedly told police they saw Lopez get kicked out of the home saying he had been shot and they all left in the car, only to be stopped a short time later by police.

Lopez was allegedly released from the hospital early after being treated for his gunshot wound and has since evaded police. Lopez is wanted on one first-degree felony charge of aggravated burglary.