LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) — As a result of dangerous flood conditions, an executive order was announced by Mayor Holly Daines on Thursday, May 25, that declared a local emergency for the City of Logan.

This order, involving the Logan River and its banks, has declared these as “disaster areas,” prohibiting any recreational activities and other uses of the river. In accordance with the order, all citizens other than authorized emergency personnel are restricted from the area in and around the Logan River.

Per this declaration, the order will remain in effect for 30 days from its issuing date unless terminated earlier by the Mayor. The order also states that those found in violation will be subject to criminal prosecution.

According to a Facebook post by the City of Logan, Utah’s record-breaking snow during the 2022-2023 winter has caused snowpack levels “close to or exceeding 150% in northern Utah.”

As the temperatures warm and the snowmelt proceeds, significant runoff has been created and resulted in flooding within several neighborhoods throughout Logan and is expected to create risks of flooding throughout other parts of the city.

A video shared with ABC4 by Rich Guy, taken from the Nature Center bridge at the mouth of the canyon, shows the significantly high flood waters raging down the Logan River.

These flooding conditions can mean landslides, mudslides, and rockslides, which have reportedly caused extensive damage to the area.

During this kind of rapid runoff, residents around the state are encouraged to stay away from rivers and creeks that are showing signs of flooding as they can easily overtake individuals caught in the current.