KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — The city of Kaysville has started a grass-roots campaign to bring Trader Joe’s to town, and it appears the city is on a time crunch.

With the closest Trader Joe’s 30 minutes away in downtown Salt Lake City, city officials and residents have started a campaign equipped with a contest for a $500 gift card and an entire website dedicated to the effort.

The campaign, led by community members and the Kaysville Community Development Department, is encouraging residents of Kaysville and surrounding cities to send location requests to the corporation through the Trader Joe’s website, according to the social media post.

In order for Trader Joe’s to take the requests seriously, Kaysville Mayor Tami Tran said 100,000 requests for a location in Kaysville need to be sent within the month of May.

If the campaign is successful, the city would look to place the new Trader Joe’s on the property of the permanently closed Bennion Crafts and Frame store. The property owner is sponsoring this campaign, according to the city’s announcement.

Tran said this is an ideal location due to its established retail history, plenty of parking, and easy access point in and out of the city.

Even with the city’s support and many residents excited about the prospect, not everyone is on board with the idea. Some expressed their criticism on social media, saying traffic would increase or the store would put other local grocery stores at risk. Others cited issues they felt were more pressing for the city or stores they thought might be more useful.

The mayor appeared optimistic in her Trader Joe’s campaign video, saying Kaysville is exactly what Trader Joe’s is looking for in a city, “and what we’re hoping is that you can help us get their attention.”

To learn more about the campaign or how to participate, go to traderjoeskaysville.com.