LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – An Idaho man was taken into custody following a crash involving two cars in Logan Canyon that killed three and injured two, including an infant child.

Kylan H. Romrell, 29, of Montpelier, Idaho faces three second-degree felony charges of negligently operating a vehicle resulting in death, one third-degree felony charge of negligently operating a vehicle resulting in a serious injury, one third-degree felony charge of DUI, one third-degree felony charge of possession with a dangerous weapon, and a Class C misdemeanor of having an open container in the vehicle.

The crash is still being investigated and fault has not been determined, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Romrell was reportedly the driver of the Ford Excursion that was involved in a crash with a Kia Rio in Logan Canyon on Wednesday, March 29. An initial investigation shows signs that Romrell was “near or on the center line” of the road and the Kia Rio “possibly drifted” into Romrell’s Ford.

Romrell reportedly had a cut on one hand and said his knee and ankle on his left leg were in pain. He was checked by medical personnel at the scene of the crash, but reportedly refused treatment.

According to arresting documents, police “noticed immediately indicators of impairment,” including alleged bloodshot eyes, staggering, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol when speaking to Romrell.

Romrell reportedly told officers he didn’t drink any alcohol. During the crash investigation, police said Romrell got “extremely frustrated” and would kick or throw his hat, yell and shout, and walk away from the scene. This prompted police to take Romrell into custody.

While in custody, Romrell was allegedly instead, wobbly, and lethargic. The officer administered a field sobriety test including an eye test, a balancing test, and an alphabet test. The officer allegedly observed several clues of impairment and arrested Romrell for DUI.

A breath test was conducted allegedly resulting in showing a Breath Alcohol Content of .216. A blood test was also conducted but the results were not released in the probable cause affidavit. Officers also allegedly found multiple open and unopened containers in the Ford Excursion as well as a rifle with a spent cartridge in the chamber.