MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A car traveling at approximately 70 mph hit and killed a moose on I-84, disabling the vehicle and temporarily trapping passengers inside, according to Morgan County Fire & EMS.

A father and son were traveling westbound on I-84 in a compound car when they reported hitting a large moose crossing the freeway near the Taggart exit on Jan. 13. The passengers then called for help, saying their vehicle was disabled and they were trapped inside, according to the department’s social media post.

Both the father and son were reportedly able to escape the crushed vehicle through the window before emergency crews arrived. They were assessed for trauma and sent home with family members, according to the fire department.

“The moose was not so lucky,” officials wrote in the post. They report that the moose was found dead on the freeway and removed by crew members.

Moose can stand over 7 feet tall and weigh over 1,000 pounds, making them a danger on the road. At this time of year, they are often found looking for food and water in the lower valley, according to the fire department.

Officials cautioned drivers to slow down and keep their eyes on the road to avoid dangerous collisions with wildlife. In addition, they say to look for glowing eyes, or ‘eye shine’, in the distance and suggest that passengers look as well. Finally, when other vehicles are further than 500 feet away, using high beams can increase visibility and protect against a wildlife collision.