UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Former Assistant Superintendent for the Alpine School District Gary Seastrant says he worries the city of Orem doesn’t understand just how much work and money it will take to make a new school district. 

During a presentation with Orem PTA members, Seastrand focused on resources, saying the size of the Alpine School District can be an advantage, pointing out that buying things in bulk can mean reduced rates. He also said several districts already struggle to find bus drivers. The new district may need to create its own transportation department, which Seastrand said will cost even more money. 

Seastrand also said finding good teachers will be hard when the Alpine School District is number one in the state for lifetime earnings for career teachers. 

There was also a lot of discussion over the Utah Taxpayer Association supporting Proposition 2. The association said the tax hike for people living in Orem would be modest. Seastrand said they are looking at different numbers, but in the past when districts have been created like with Jordan and Canyons… property taxes went up.