Utah (ABC4) — The Division of Wildlife Resources released a new app for people who are into searching for “deadheads,” and even those who just stumble across a dead animal with antlers to report their findings.

Collecting shed antlers of deer, elk, and other big game animals is a popular pastime for many Utahns, DWR reported. However, sometimes the horns and antlers are still attached to the skull of the animal that died. These are often called “deadheads.”

It is illegal in the State of Utah to pick up animal parts without a possession license. DWR said that sometimes animals have been illegally killed, and conservation officers need the animal as evidence. However, if the officers determine that the animal died of natural causes, officers will often let the person keep the antlers.

According to the DWR, the app was created to increase efficiency and improve its responsiveness to the public. The app can be used to quickly report the skulls of big game animals that have their antlers or horns attached.

They can submit a report via the “Utah Deadhead Reporter app“, sign in using their DWR customer ID, and begin the report. In the report, they will submit a GPS location of the skull, photos of the animal, and other important details. According to the DWR, this will help officers determine if the animal was poached or not, and to speed up the process of granting a possession license.

The app will work without cell phone service, the DWR reported. However, make sure to download it before you go out of service, as the app download cannot be completed without an internet or wireless connection.

“We know some areas of the state saw increased winter kill of deer and some elk, due to the extreme snow conditions this year, and we are hopeful that this app will reduce some of the investigation and processing time for people who are interested in keeping those deadhead antlers they may find this spring,” DWR Investigations Capt. Wade Hovinga said.

Roadkill animals should still be reported through the “Utah Roadkill Reporter app.” And if someone finds an animal that they believe has been killed illegally, they should use the UTDWR Law Enforcement app, call the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337, text 847411, or online through the DWR website.