CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — Cache County deputies responded to two separate incidents involving roofs collapsing on Thursday, one of which led to about 30 people being displaced.

According to the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, deputies and fire units were dispatched to Wellsville and Hyrum on Thursday, March 9, on reports of roofs collapsing from their structures.

Deputies were reportedly called to Wellsville Recovery, an addiction treatment facility known formerly as Sherwood Hills, after the roof over their pool collapsed, and people could smell gas. All treatment providers and visitors in the building were quickly evacuated and accounted for, officials said.

About 30 people have to be transported to a nearby temporary shelter while Cache County building inspectors examine the structure, according to the press release.

In another separate incident, a tenant living in Hyrum reported that the roof of their mobile home was collapsing as they were suffering from an unrelated medical emergency. Deputies say the roof was sagging about three inches.

The individual was transported to a local hospital while building inspectors examine the trailer home.

“If you have concerns your home or business may be compromised, please call a building inspector immediately,” said representatives of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. “No property is worth your safety or the safety of your loved ones.”

These incidents occurred just as the Utah Avalanche Center put out a reminder today for the public to clear the snow off their roofs to prevent deadly roof avalanches.

A roof avalanche is when a heavy amount of snow slides off the roof of a building and to the ground below. According to the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants, a snow avalanche occurs when the weight of the snow overloads natural forces holding it back on a sloped roof.