SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Today, Mar. 28, marks three years since an Ogden police officer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence incident near Bonneville Park in Ogden.

Police said a 911 call was made by a woman claiming her husband, John Coleman beat her and threatened to kill her. After arriving and speaking with the suspect, Coleman reportedly opened fire on Officer Lyday while he was looking away. He was struck in the head and killed instantly.

Three years after his death, his former colleagues say he still has an impact.

“In a sense, Officer Lyday, he was a friend at the Academy and the rest of us learned a lot from him. He was so willing to share and help, and in a lot of ways he still helping us today,” former colleague Andrew Lecheminant said.

While reflecting on that day, Lecheminant said he kept thinking his friend was going to be okay. Since his death, Ogden community members have honored him and his sacrifice.

“He loved that city and he gave his life for it and I think people if there’s one thing they should know about him is that he loved it enough to give everything to it,” Lecheminant said.

Officer Lyday had served with the Ogden Police Department for 15 months. He’s survived by his wife.