CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A woman is facing charges of attempted murder and domestic violence in the presence of a child after she allegedly shot at her boyfriend three times on May 28, according to the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.

A woman was arrested after her boyfriend said she shot at him three times and authorities found bullet holes and shell casings along the driveway.

Police say the suspect and her boyfriend were arguing when the victim decided to step away “and remove himself from the argument.” He said he then began doing yardwork while his girlfriend and her 10-year-old son played kickball in another part of the yard.

The suspect allegedly went inside with her son and “came out waving a gun at him and yelling” while intoxicated, police said. She then reportedly went inside and came back out with the gun again, this time pointing the gun to the side and firing two shots.

The victim said he was afraid and went to his truck to grab his phone and call 911 when the suspect allegedly fired a third shot which is believed to have hit the hood of the truck.

“The bullet that struck the hood of the Toyota was aimed in [the victim’s] direction with the intent to hit him or with depraved indifference to human life,” the probable cause reads. “[The suspect] knowingly created a grave risk of death to [the victim] by firing a deadly weapon at him.”

The suspect then allegedly went inside until police arrived and was taken to the Sherriff’s Office where she claimed she did not know why she was there.

Police say they could smell alcohol on her breath and said she told them “several times that she would start detoxing from alcohol after about 20 hours if she had to stay in jail,” documents state.

The suspect was booked in the county jail on May 28 and faces charges of [attempted] murder, carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

The name of the suspect is not being released in order to protect the identity of the victim.