CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — The Cache County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victims of the house explosion that killed one and critically injured two on Thursday evening. Officials also say there were 16 dogs inside the home at the time of the explosion as several members of the family are licensed dog breeders.

The man who died in the explosion was identified as John Mullin.

His wife, Caryn Mullin, was transported to the Logan Regional Hospital last night with multiple fractures and burns to her body. She has been reportedly transferred to McKay Dee Hospital for additional care.

Their son, Joshua Mullin, was transported to the Cache Valley Hospital last night as well. Officials say he suffered multiple burns on his arms, chest and face. He is currently sedated and on his way to recovery.

Officials confirmed that members of the Mullin family are professional dog breeders as licensed by the county. There were 30 dogs on the property in a separate building at the time of the explosion and another 16 dogs were in the house.

Firefighters reportedly recovered five of the 16 dogs five hours after the explosion. They have been taken to the New Vision Intake and Animal Shelter for treatment. Of the five dogs, officials say three are in critical condition and two are in good condition. All the other dogs have been taken care of by other family members.

“Our sincerest condolences to the family of the victims involved in this incident,” said Lt. Mikelshan Bartschi with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.

Cache County deputies were dispatched to 5670 N State Route 23 on reports of a house explosion at about 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 9.

Initial reports indicated there were three people in the residence, officials said. When first responders arrived, they reportedly located one person outside the home and another could be heard inside the home yelling for help. Both of them are now being treated at separate hospitals.

The third person, later identified as John Mullin, was unaccounted for until around midnight.

“I run over there and firefighters are trying to get water on there. [The house] was burning intensely,” said neighbor Lamar Clements. “I could hear someone down there.”

A neighbor reportedly saw the explosion and said he could smell propane. Another neighbor said they saw pieces of the house a couple hundred yards away on their property.

“It was horrific to watch,” Clements said. “I feel for the family.”