BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) – Jeremy Hauck, the Bountiful man who killed his mother, Laura, and put her body in a freezer in 2006, was denied a request to be released from the Utah State Hospital. The denial comes following a Second District Court review of a proposed conditional release plan submitted in October.

Second District Court Judge Ronald Russell found that Hauck suffers from a paranoia-type Schizophrenia and is a “substantial danger” to himself and others. Judge Russell determined that the supervision and treatment available and provided through the proposed conditional release plan wouldn’t be adequate to control Hauck should he live away from the hospital.

“Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the proposed release plan is not approved and that the defendant’s commitment be continued,” Judge Russell said in his ruling. “The Court will review this matter at the next six-month review.”

The proposed conditional release plan, submitted through Hauck’s counsel Todd Utzinger, contained 21 conditions for Hauck’s release, including random blood draws to ensure medications levels, daily phone check-ins, regular in-person meetings, and restrictions from alcohol and firearms.

The release plan said Hauck would have been resubmitted to the Utah State Hospital if he was found in violation of any of the conditions proposed, and the hospital would notify the Court immediately.

In his ruling, Judge Russell expressed his concerns that should Hauck live independently, the lack of structure and continued supervision could lead to Hauck not regularly taking medication or purchasing alcohol in between check-ins. Judge Russell was also uncertain as to how Hauck would react to an abrupt release where he will have to find housing and adapt to living independently.