WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — Ron Gibson, the Utah Farm Bureau Federation president who allegedly assaulted an employee, had his misdemeanor assault charge dismissed last week — though it may be temporary.

On Aug. 31, the Weber Justice Court dismissed his charge “without prejudice,” meaning it is possible for the plaintiff or counterclaimant to bring their claim again in the future by asking the court to set aside or “undo” the dismissal, according to Utah State Courts.

Gibson was arrested and booked into the Weber County Jail on Aug. 8 after allegedly assaulting an employee, according to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office.

Weber deputies reportedly responded to an incident at a local farm owned by Gibson. A victim called 911 to report that he had been attacked by Gibson, according to court documents.

The victim reportedly said that he and “several co-workers” were not being paid, having not received their last four paychecks leading up to the alleged assault.

The affidavit states that the victim confronted Gibson about not being paid, and a “small verbal altercation” took place. The victim reportedly showed authorities a video in which Gibson told the victim to “shut up” in Spanish and then proceeded to “backhand him” across the face.

The victim’s mouth began to bleed and required medical attention, court documents state. He was then taken to the Ogden Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Shortly after, Gibson took a leave of absence from his position as president. He later resigned from both the Utah Farm Bureau and as a board member of the American Farm Bureau Federation.