FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) — Nearly a year before Chase Allan was shot and killed by Farmington Police, his mother, Diane Allan, was pulled over for a similar reason and body cam footage showed both responded to officers in a similar manner, up until police opened Chase Allan’s door. 

On Mar. 1, Farmington police stopped Chase Allan over an illegitimate license plate. 

“I don’t need registration and I don’t answer questions,” said Chase Allan to the officer. 

On Apr. 7, 2022, when Farmington Police stopped Diane Allan, the officer told her the car’s registration was expired. 

“What is your probable cause for stopping me?” Diane Allan asked. 

“So, for the expired registration,” said the officer. 

“That’s not a probable cause,” said Diane Allan. 

Both Chase and Diane Allan refused to provide their names and gave the officers their passports. 

“That is not me. That is a piece of plastic paper,” said Chase Allan. 

“So you have a fraudulent passport. Wonderful,” said the officer. 

Less than one minute into the officer’s body cam footage with Chase Allan, the officer called for backup. Within two minutes, four more officers’ body cameras were activated. 

In that same amount of time, Diane’s officer phoned a colleague, asking how to handle the situation. 

“Is it worth pulling her out of her car and arresting her for failure to identify?” the officer asked. “No. Probably not,” said the colleague. 

Instead, the colleague recommended he ticket her for not having a driver’s license and expired vehicle registration. Dispatch can also be heard telling the officer Diane Allan has a concealed firearm permit. 

For Chase Allan, it escalated. 

“Step out of the car for me,” said the officer. 

“No,” said Chase Allan. 

“Sir, step out of the vehicle right now,” said an officer. 

“We’re going to have an issue where (unintelligible),” said Chase Allan. 

“If you don’t step out of the car, we’re going to have to break the window and pull you out,” said an officer. 

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnson said when the officer opened Chase Allan’s door, Chase moved his hand toward his right hip. 

“I see a manipulation of that holster move into that holster, but I can’t clearly see a firearm from the angle that the camera is,” said Johnson. 

Shortly after the officers opened the door, someone yelled gun several times. In the next five seconds, Chase Allan’s engine revs and nearly 30 rounds appear to be fired. 

When Chase Allan was pulled from his vehicle, he was wearing an empty holster. Shortly after this, body cam footage shows what appears to be a gun on the vehicle floor’s driver side. 

Diane Allan never left her vehicle. Dispatch was able to locate her information based on her passport. The dispatcher also can be heard telling the officer Diane has an active concealed firearm permit. 

Nearly 16 minutes passed before the police ticketed her. Chase was shot in under 5 minutes. 

Diane received two tickets, adding up to roughly $100 in fines. She filed a lawsuit against the police back in September 2022. In the lawsuit, she claimed she is not under the jurisdiction of the city, state, or the U.S. saying she is a sovereign citizen. During her court proceedings, Chase Allan was taken into custody on several charges including disorderly conduct.