PLYMOUTH, Utah (ABC4) — Nine abandoned puppies were rescued from a snowy road late Tuesday night near I-15 in northern Utah by two good Samaritans. Less than a day later, they have all found foster homes and are ready to be pampered with love.

A Sandy resident, Vance Malan, was testing out a vehicle he repaired with his friend on a dead-end road along I-15 when they discovered three puppies half frozen to death in the snow. The duo put the puppies in a box, cranked up the heat in the car, and began looking around the area with a flashlight.

After an hour of searching, paw prints in the snow led them to find a total of nine puppies abandoned out in the cold. Three of them were frozen to the icy ground, prompting Malan to bundle them up in his coat to warm them up. None of the puppies could walk as their hind legs were not working right, Malan said.

“It’s a miracle we drove down that road,” he said.

Malan immediately called his sister, Rachel Dyer, who worked as a veterinary technician for 10 years. Dyer advised her brother to bring the pups home and warm them up while she searched for emergency veterinary services.

The pups were in horrible condition, Dyer said. They were reportedly very skinny and suffering from hypothermia.

After feeding them some honey and sips of water, Malan drove an hour down south to Mountain West Veterinary Specialists in Layton to give the puppies emergency treatment.

The puppies are doing much better now, Dyer said. The vets believe the puppies are a Border Collie and Husky mix. They also confirmed the pups tested negative for parvovirus.

On Thursday, these puppies will be sent to Tiny Paws Rescue based in Brigham City to be picked up by their foster parents.

The nonprofit posted on Facebook earlier today saying they are looking for two more foster parents who could take in two puppies at a time. By 5 p.m., all of them have already found foster homes, said Tarsha Murray, the canine foster and adoption director for Tiny Paws Rescue.

Aside from fostering, Dyer said community members could help by footing the potentially “insurmountable” bill the nonprofit has decided to cover. Interested individuals can donate to Tiny Paws Rescue through: