DAGGETT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A wildfire in Daggett County has forced a popular campground to be evacuated and now officials confirm it has burned over 100 acres in the Ashley National Forest.

Utah Wildfire Info said the fire started on Monday, around 3:30 p.m., and when first discovered, spread over 5 acres. The Mustang Campground nearby was evacuated of about 70 to 80 trailers out of caution by the Daggett County Sheriff’s Office.

Several resources including two helicopters, three engines, and two hand crews responded to battle the fire. Hot and dry conditions made battling the blaze difficult and caused the flames to spread faster.

In an update of the fire on Tuesday morning, Utah Wildfire Info said the fire expanded from five acres to 100 acres and was zero percent contained.

A bulldozer was brought in by fire crews to install a fire line, or a break in the natural forest to help slow the burn and contain the fire.

Law enforcement is reportedly working with those who were forced to leave the Mustang Campground in retrieving cars they may have been forced to leave behind. Those who do need to get to their cars are asked to contact Officer Linnan at 435-630-5598 to arrange an escort to pick up their cars.