Who doesn’t love a great pedicure that lasts all summer, right?

Well, you might want to think twice next time you leave that polish on your piggies for months on end.

Dr. Joy Rowland is a foot specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

She says it’s important to give your nails a break from polish.

Kristen Moody, from What The Gel Nails joined Midday with tips for keeping your feet looking great without polish. 

“First, when you do use polish on your toes, always use a base coat. This will protect the toes from the dyes in nail polishes,” said Kristen.

She says that whether you have polish on your toes or not, always hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When your feet and toes are properly hydrated, they will look much better than if you neglect this.

She recommends using a cuticle oil on your toenail cuticles and on your toenails when they are bare. Try to find a cuticle oil with vitamin E oil and rub it in to the toenail once every few days. Another great way to hydrate your feet is to slather lotion on your feet, then put on fuzzy socks. This works best if you wear the lotion and socks overnight.

“Another surefire way to keep your feet looking nice is to get regular pedicures. A pedicure will hydrate your feet and a foot mask can help lock in the moisture. Plus, you will get your toenails trimmed and buffed so they look neat and clean. You can always get a pedicure and request no nail polish. I recommend getting a pedicure every 4 weeks during the summer and every 6 weeks during the winter,” explained Kristen.

Her last tip is to buff toenails to a shine. Most nail salons should have a buffer that can do this. Simply buff the toenail until it is shiny. Toenails will look like they have clear nail polish on them, but they are actually bare. Kristen think this is the most important step to keep your nails looking nice without polish.

When your toenails are not taking a break from polish, glitter toes are a great way to keep your toes cute and summer ready.