LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON (ABC4 Sports) – Former professional rock climber Nathan Williamson normally goes rock climbing during the daytime. But during the summer, the granite can get too hot, and with sweaty hands, too slippery to grip.

“And your feet get too slippery,” he said. “Your hands feel like the rock is crumbling inside of them, when it really isn’t because you start to sweat in your hands and chalk doesn’t help.”
So, more and more climbers are strapping on head lamps and going night climbing. Of course, while gripping the rock may be easier, there’s the danger of, “Dying, Williamson said with a smile. “No, no.”
“The good thing is it’s colder than it was during the day, so that was nice,” said rock climber Chelsea Murn. “The bad things are it’s hard to commit to anything because you can’t see.”
Eh, vision is overrated. But day or night, this is still an extremely difficult sport.
“Little Cottonwood Canyon has a really interesting way of humbling you,” Williamson said. “It seems like even the easiest things are very, very hard here. But they’re fun, because you get to learn to use your feet better and your hands better. Just overall better technique even if it is creepy at night time.”