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(NEXSTAR)- President Joe Biden encouraged Democratic lawmakers to “act fast” on his $1.9 trillion COVID rescue plan but also signaled he’s open to changes, including limiting the proposed $1,400 direct payments to Americans with lower income levels, which could draw Republican support.

Biden told lawmakers in private comments Wednesday that he’s “not married” to an absolute number for the overall package but wants them to “go big” on pandemic relief and “restore the soul of the country.”

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TEEN SUFFERS FROM EFFECTS OF COVID-19 MONTHS AFTER RECOVERY: COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on an Arkansas teen, months after testing positive.

Kim Carleson’s new reality is trying to find answers as to what is going on with her daughter.

Kim’s daughter, Kylee, tested positive for COVID-19 back in July.

Kylee said once she recovered from the virus, she wasn’t back to her old self. In fact, things took a turn for the worse while driving one day.

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MORGAN WALLEN RACIAL SLUR CONTROVERSY: Country music radio stations, organizations, artists and labels are taking a stance after one of the industry’s biggest names was caught on camera using a racial slur.

The move comes after a video of multi-platinum artist Morgan Wallen surfaced, showing the 27-year-old returning to his Nashville home after a night out with friends and using the slur to describe someone else.

Those in the country music industry who have been working on bringing social justice to the platform say Wallen’s actions are devastating for the industry.  

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ANIMALS MAKE SUPER BOWL LV PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl LV is almost here and all the experts are getting their picks ready.

AJ McCord spoke with some of the experts with the best track record in the country.

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