NEW STUDY: Conventional food prices catching up to organic foods



(ABC4) – Adopting healthier eating habits can sometimes come with a higher price tag, which is why some people don’t even attempt to walk through the organic section in the supermarket. This may soon change as a new study found that conventional food prices are rising at a much faster rate than organic costs, a new study shows

Healthy eating has slowly become a lifestyle for some and a fad for others. Shopping for organic foods may become the norm for some shoppers due to a study that found hefty price increases among non-organic beef, chicken, pork, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

Conventional foods have risen by an average of 13.9% while organic foods have risen 1.6% in costs since 2019.

From 2019 to 2021, the foods that have the fastest-growing conventional prices are broccoli, boneless, skinless chicken breast, granny smith apples, and milk.

Conventional broccoli came in at a whopping 141.3% price increase while organic broccoli underwent a 24.9% price increase.

If you were to have brought organic broccoli in 2019, it would’ve cost you $2.10/pound compared to it costing you $2.61/pound in 2021. That’s a 0.51 cent difference. In 2019, conventional broccoli was 0.63/pound and jumped to $1.52.

Conventional Boneless, skinless chicken breast has had a 43.8% price increase while the organic version had a -2.2% change.

By far, the study found that conventional dairy items have escalated the fastest since 2019, followed by non-organic produce and then different cuts of regular chicken.

You won’t have to switch gears just yet because despite the rising costs of conventional foods, organic foods are still more expensive than its counterpart.

You can find the full study here.

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