ROY (ABC4 Utah News) – A new business is a blast from the past. Actually several blasts and they’re zapping aliens.

It’s called Flynn’s Retrocade and going in is like going through a 32 year time warp back to 1984.

“We’ve got Donkey Kong of course, Asteroids, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man,” owner James Anderson told ABC4 Utah News. “We had about 25 in our basement and I realized, you know it’s time for these games to actually be out in the public again for the public to play…I wanted to recreate a place where we could actually create the feel of the 80s.”

Michelle Bergmann is the manager of Flynn’s.

“The funnest part for is the people who walk in the door who haven’t been here before and they’re literally speechless,” Bergmann said. “They’re just  like ‘No way. This is the coolest thing’.”

You don’t even need a pocketful of quarters.

“We charge by admission,” Anderson said. “It’s five dollars for an hour or ten dollars for all day for all the video games. The video games are on free play so you just go up and push a button and they’ll start to play.”

On Monday afternoon, Chris Garner was there with two of his sons.

“It’s a nice time warp for me,” Garner said. “For these guys it’s a whole new world.”

“I expected people my age to be coming in, people that remember these games,” Bergmann said. “But we’ve got 2 year olds. We’ve got 80 year olds.”

“People our age will come in just to reminisce on days gone by ‘Oh I remember that game. I remember that game.’ but then their children experience Frogger or Q-Bert for the first time or Pac Man,” Anderson said. “It’s being passed on from one generation to the next..They can play ’em on an iPad but it’s different when you’re standing upright and you have an old screen and a joystick feels different so a lot of kids love it too. That’s the beauty of it.”

“A lot of times you see that parents behind them. You know the kids are like ‘I don’t want to be here. This is lame’, Bergmann said. “The parents kind of show ’em how to do it and they get into it and by the time their hour’s up ‘Mom I don’t want to leave yet. Please let me stay longer’.”

The arcade also has pinball machines which do require quarters and a soda bar. Players who set a high score on a machine earn a free soda.

Flynn’s Retrocade is located at 3626 West, 5600 South in Roy and is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 10 o’clock.