GOBLIN VALLEY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Thursday we visited Goblin Valley State Park on the Good4Utah Road Tour. It’s a place so alien, some say it’s like visiting another world. Goblin Valley State Park officially opened a new mountain bike trail this month.

There’s off the beaten path, and then there’s really off the beaten path. Chances are you’ve heard of Goblin Valley, but you probably never have visited.

“It’s so different, it’s like being on the moon or on Mars. It’s just fantastic,” said Nathan Martinez, Goblin Valley Asst. Park Manager.

Straight out of a fantasy, an army of goblins stretch across the valley. Odd and very accessible, the hoodoos are the most recognizable part of this state park. But now, a newly opened mountain bike trail offers a totally different perspective.

“What we’re trying to do is increase the opportunities so people can come for more than a day, and experience what’s great about Utah. What’s great about this trail is we’re giving people new opportunities for the same great price,” said Lt. Governor Spencer Cox.

Cox was on hand for the trail’s ribbon cutting, which will add to the camping, yurts, hiking and climbing already at Goblin Valley. The new bike trail offers even more stunning views of the bizarre landscape.

“This area is truly unique with the deep canyons, the views of the mountains. It really is a different experience for a mountain biker,” said Scott Escott, Trails Coordinator and Designer.

Escott is the mountain bike trail guru in southern Utah. He loves to ride, but also has grown to understand how a simple bike trail has such a tremendous impact.

“It’s evident the economic development is mind boggling. I had no idea 6 years ago when I started, how important it is to communities,” said Escott.

Goblin Valley State Park with so many opportunities, is so far off the beaten path, it’s almost like another world.