New ‘Jungle Book’ Music Video Features Utahns with Disabilities

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 UTAH) One of the newest videos just launched on ‘YouTube’ – features a local performer, some famous songs and a group of very excited background dancers from Camp K. 
The music video is a mix of two songs from Disney’s original ‘Jungle Book’ movie, with singer Alex Boye. Boye has dozens of videos online and many with millions of views. In fact, a video that features the One Voice Children’s Choir has 77 million views on “YouTube”. This time around Boye and ‘Freakin Rad Productions”, which also has several popular videos online, are hoping to go viral with the music, Camp Kostopulos and the kids and adults with disabilities.
The video was shot on Monday, April 11th and when the cameras were rolling on Boye, the dancers and the Camp K campers – ABC 4 Utah was the only news team their to watch the magic unfold.   
From the outside it looked like unorganized chaos. But once you saw the cameras and the directions it was just excited dancing, laughing, yelling and singing. It is all part of a music video shoot featuring “Jungle Book” songs and Utah based performer Alex Boye’. “I’m always looking for something new, how I can do a twist on the song. Then I thought, ‘what if I could attach this to some type of charity?’ But I had no idea.” 
Then Boye ran into Mircea Divricean, the CEO of Camp Kostpolus. He learned about the activities, opportunities and programs that ‘Camp K’ provides those with disabilities. He loved the idea of including everyone, no matter their ability to dance or sing, so, ‘Camp K’ became the site for the shoot. “With me its, it’s like, you come, you come, you come. Then when we get here it is a free for all. Spontaneity steps in and we come out with something we never expected.”   
And shooting a music video wasn’t what the campers here ever expected either. Celina Jensen, a 17-year-old, who is wheelchair bound said “It was a different experience for me. I never knew what went into the process and now I am more appreciative of what goes into making a music video.”  Camper after camper, like 18-year-old Ben McKenna, told us they loved being part of the video and loved that it also took place at their home away from home. “Every minute of every day is always worth being here. This place is totally worth it.”
The afternoon video shoot showed several activities available at Camp K. And it also featured what people with disabilities can do. And that is something Boye’ said he wanted to make sure made the final cut. “One of the things that I noticed when I came here is that the kids with disabilities do more adventurous stuff than I do. Most people think it is the other way around. That is why I wanted to highlight in the video showing them doing things, showing them getting on ropes, jumping on ropes and doing things, popping wheelies in their wheelchairs and stuff like that.” 
The video was shot by Freakin Rad Productions and you can watch it by going to… 
And while your on the Camp K website – check out the information on the Camp’s big fund raiser on Friday, May 6th at the City Creek Marriott.

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