RIVERTON (ABC4 News) – Patients at Intermountain Riverton Hospital are now being treated with Civica Rx medication.

“Civica is the first of its kind, a not-for-profit drug company with a really simple mission to ensure that essential generic medications are affordable and available to everyone,” said Dan Liljenquist, Chief Strategy Officer of Intermountain Healthcare.”

On Wednesday, hospital officials announced Civica, Inc. ordered and delivered its first drug Vancomycin to a patient at its Riverton Hospital last week.

The antibiotic is often in short supply at hospitals across our nation.

“Vancomycin is a medication,” said Sabrina Cole, Executive Operations Director System Pharmacy Services. “It’s an intravenous antibacterial that is used routinely for patients with infections.”

The patient, Adam Lauritzen of South Jordan, was the recipient of the drug. He had this to say about it. “I have a family history of long-term medical issues,” said Lauritzen. “I have an appreciation of medical costs and can express a true appreciation for a company that is trying to alleviate that for patients. It’s a great goal for anyone in the medical industry to reduce costs.”

That sentiment is something patient Maria Garcia can agree with. She didn’t receive Vancomycin, but another generic drug to treat her COPD, diabetes and other ailments. Garcia ended up in the hospital because she couldn’t afford her medication.

“I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of seniors in this nation that are like me that can’t afford their medication that either get their medication and eat cat food,” said Garcia. “Most senior citizens are on fixed incomes. How can you afford to buy your medication. You have to choose whether you eat, pay rent or whether you buy your meds?

Civica anticipates Vancomycin will be delivered to all of its 40 member health systems later this month. The systems include more than 1,000 hospitals in 46 states.