REXBURG, Idaho (ABC4 News/East Idaho News) – The high-profile case of two missing Idaho siblings continues to become more complicated as more characters come into the picture. Child custody documents filed by the ex-husband of the children’s cousin claim she knows where they are.

The documents obtained by ABC4 News’ media partner, East Idaho News reveal uncanny similarities in separate events involving Lori Vallow Daybell and her niece, Melani Pawlowski.

Lori has been uncooperative with investigators and now faces criminal charges in relation to the disappearance of her two children, 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan.

FILE – This combination photo of undated file photos, released by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, show missing children Joshua “JJ” Vallow, left, and Tylee Ryan. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children via AP, File)

The siblings have been missing since September. East Idaho News reports Melani lived next door to the children’s home when they disappeared.

Melani’s ex-husband, Brandon Boudreaux, stated she had became involved in “a cult where numerous members, adults, and children alike, have been being killed off like flies.” 

Similarly, Lori’s former husband, Charles Vallow previously stated in divorce papers that Lori “called herself God, said she was assigned to help with Christ’s second coming, and if he got in the way of her mission, she would murder him.”

Charles had questioned whether she was “mentally stable enough to make decisions for herself and [JJ]” before he was shot and killed by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox in July, who claimed self-defense.

Then in October, Brandon stated someone tried to shoot and kill him with a rifle with a silencer on it. He said the shooter was driving a green Jeep registered to Charles and was primarily driven by Tylee, who was already missing at the time.

East Idaho News said Brandon then hired private investigator Rich Robertson, who believes the shooter was Alex. Alex later died through unknown causes in December.

Melani Pawlowski (Courtesy: East Idaho News)

In the documents, Brandon claims Melani is under investigation in relation to the disappearance of JJ and Tylee. He calls his ex-wife’s knowledge of the whereabouts concerning and lack of cooperation with authorities “daunting.”

Brandon’s attorneys wrote that Melani’s new husband, Ian, told police that she said, “Sometimes [the] children are full of light and then just like that, they go dark.” The comment added to Brandon’s concern for his children’s lives if the court allows Melani to have lengthy, unsupervised care of their kids.

According to the documents, Brandon also said shortly after Ian and Melani wed in November in Las Vegas, she allegedly told Ian that she conspired with Alex to kill Brandon.

Brandon claimed Melani “had a million dollars of reasons” to have him killed, including “hope to cash in on that policy to help support the cult” he believes she is part of. It is unknown if the policy refers to life insurance.

Days after Charles was killed in July, Lori had called his insurance company and asked about his $1 million life insurance policy. The agent told her Charles had changed his beneficiary information so that she would not be receiving any money.

Lori remains the only one charged in the twisted web of cases. She faces two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of children, misdemeanor resisting and/or obstructing an officer, solicitation and contempt.

It’s unknown if Melani is facing any charged for her alleged involvement in the attempted murder of Brandon. The only charge she currently faces is a misdemeanor trespassing charge in American Fork for allegedly going onto Brandon’s parents’ property in November and demanded to have the kids.