New Campaign Targets Tax-exempt Status of LDS Church

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – A California organization is kicking off a media campaign in Utah. Its target? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The group believes the LDS Church should not have tax-exempt status.
Its asking members and former members of the church to help build a case.
“We are conducting, what I am terming the biggest, loudest and the most comprehensive challenge to a church’s tax-exempt status in history,” said Right Equal Rights President, Fred Krager.
Krager says the church has crossed the line in its fight against same-sex marriage.
He first got involved after looking into finance reports for Proposition 8 in California.
“The church had reported it only spent $2078.00 throughout the whole campaign, so i knew that was wrong.”
The church admitted to reporting violations and paid a fine.
Since then, Krager has questioned the church’s involvement in other states and the recent policy change concerning children of same-sex couples.
Now he’s trying to build a case to submit to the IRS.
It includes an ad that solicits anonymous tips on any potential tax-exempt code violations.
Krager says those tips will be part of a thorough investigation.
“As we go around the country, as we look at property we think that there is just going to be a treasure trove of information there,” said Krager.
Krager admits it’s an uphill battle, but hopes to turn the findings over to the IRS within two years.
When ABC4 Utah asked the church about the campaign they had no comment.

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