UTAH (ABC4) – A new Utah legislative bill titled S.B. 170 will make significant changes to the 2022 candidate filing period for the Regular Primary Election. 

The bill, which passed the House on Feb. 11 will take effect on Feb. 28 of this calendar year. 

The proposal alters the filing period for 2022, changing the dates from March 4 through March 11 to Feb. 28 through March 4. The newly advised filing period will be held during the last week of the legislative session. 

Citizens and legislators alike are irritated by the change in schedule. Many are pondering the point of moving forward the 2022 candidate filing period just 21 days before the original filing period was set to begin. 

Confusion was additionally prompted when the bill set aside different filing dates for 2024. One has to ask, what is the significance of having a different filing period in 2024? 

As our questions remain unanswered, the bill awaits the governor’s signature and is planning to take effect just 17 days after being passed.