It only takes one extra row of planting to feed the hungry according to the Grow-a-Row Share-the-Harvest. The program is an initiative that Utahns Against Hunger has promoted for over twenty years. 

“With Grow-a-Row, Share-the-Harvest, we encourage local gardeners to grow extra fruits and vegetables and donate them to their neighborhood food pantry,” said Liz Elmore of Utahns Against Hunger. 

“Listen, we all know one zucchini plant feeds a family, two feeds a village. The same can be said for potatoes and tomatoes and if you have fruit trees, dedicate one to Grow a Row,” explained Pam Juliano, a gardener in Millcreek. 

The program gives underprivileged families access to fresh fruits and vegetables that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Getting involved is easy! Visit the Grow-a-Row Share-the-Harvest page on Utahns Against Hunger’s website at to 
 register your Grow-a-Row project and find a pantry accepting donations near.