New App Makes Donations Convenient


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good4Utah)- Giving just became a whole lot easier, thanks to a new app.

“We would clear out some stuff and it would just kind of sit in a pile for months and then when we got the time to go to Deseret Industries we would do that, but this just allows us to take a picture of it and get it out of the house,” said Matt Bunker , a GiveIt app user.

Bunker’s story sounds all too familiar. Like many of us, the intentions to donate is there, but finding the time to take it is an obstacle all on its own. Now, thanks to “GiveIt,” a Utah based app, donating doesn’t have to be a drawn out process and it’s completely free.

“It’s as simple as taking a photo-make it disappear,” said MacKay Crookston, CEO & Co-Founder of GiveIt.

Crookston says your items disappear because a charity interested in those items goes and picks it up. 

“Charities simply log into our portal, these are all live items that people are giving away right now that they want gone for whatever reason. They are all in good condition and charities simply go on, they go ‘Oh look at that dresser.  We have a client that could use a dresser’ and they simply hit ‘pick up’, select a date they want to pick up on and that’s it,” said Crookston.

All the scheduling, notifications and communication is handled on the GiveIT system, but it’s closely monitored as well. 

“We only work with 501(c)(3)’s so when you donate something you know it’s going to a non profit organization,” said Crookston.

What’s great about GiveIT is if you have a bag of clothes you’re trying to donate, you do not have to take a picture of each item. Instead you can just take a picture of the bags and then hit submit.

Bunker, who is all about convenience says there is another added bonus as well.

“At the end of the year you get a receipt for everything you’ve given. So you can actually claim it legitimately on your taxes,” said Bunker.

So, download the app and give GiveIt a go! 

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