Nevada Secretary of State: 190,150 ballots still have to be counted in Nevada


FILE – In this Oct. 18, 2016, file photo, Nevada’s Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske speaks during a press conference in Las Vegas. Attorney General Aaron Ford, a Democrat and his office are defending Cegavske’s plan to conduct Nevada’s June 9, 2020, primary election predominantly by mail because of COVID-19. A federal judge in Reno has scheduled a hearing on a lawsuit that claims the plan would deny some Nevadans their constitutional voting rights. (Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP, File)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All eyes are still on Nevada, as the country and world waits to see which way the state will swing for the 2020 Presidential Election. Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske released a statement Thursday to give an update on the number of ballots that still have to be counted in Nevada stating that there were more than 190,000 ballots still needed to be counted.

“After this morning’s vote tally update, approximately 190,150 ballots statewide remain to be counted. Of this total, 123,554 are ballots that were either returned by mail or dropped off in person at a ballot drop-off location. The remaining 66,596 are ballots that were cast in person at a polling place, either during early voting or on Election Day, by voters who took advantage of Nevada’s new same-day voter registration law. Of the total ballots remaining to be counted, 90 percent are in Clark County.

Under Nevada law, mail ballots postmarked on or before Election Day and received no later than 5:00 pm on November 10 will be counted. This means there is an unknown number of ballots currently in the U.S. Postal Service mail stream that contain a postmark dated November 3 or earlier that will ultimately be counted if they arrive by 5:00 pm on November 10. We cannot estimate with any degree of accuracy how many ballots might fall into this category.

In addition to the approximately 190,650 ballots remaining to be counted, there are two categories of ballots that are uncounted and will remain uncounted unless the voter takes the required action necessary for the ballot to be counted. First, there are approximately 2,500 provisional ballots that were cast under the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). These ballots will only be counted if the voter satisfies the required conditions by 5:00 p.m. on November 6. Second, there are approximately 3,500 mail ballots that require a signature cure.

A signature cure is needed if the voter forgets to sign their ballot return envelope or if the signature on their ballot return envelope does not match the signature on file for the voter. Voters have until 5:00 pm on November 12 to successfully cure their signature.

Under state law, all ballots must be counted by the end of the day on November 12. This means complete unofficial election results will not be available until the morning of November 13. Election results do not become official until after certification. Certification must occur on or before November 16.”

On Tuesday, 8 News NOW reported, 30 polling locations were ordered by a judge to stay open an extra hour. The Trump campaign and Nevada Republican Party filed a lawsuit to keep polls open after some locations got a late start due to technical issues.

On Wednesday, The I-Team asked if there was any evidence of voter fraud in Nevada so far, to which Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, Wayne Thorley, replied: “No. No evidence whatsoever of coordinated, widespread voter fraud. We have received a handful of complaints and allegations, and they’re just allegations at this point, unproven, that we’re looking into. But no. No evidence of voter fraud.”

He says less than 10 allegations are being investigated and that law enforcement was involved.

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